Question: Send Confirmation

How do I know if my file was sent?

A: Once you select a file and "Send", you will see a progress bar, on completion you will get a message confirming
if the "File Transfer" was succesful or not.

Question: File Size

What is the maximum file size I can send?

A: You can send a file or "Zipped" Folder
any size up to 2 GB
or larger

Question: How Many Files

How many files can I send?

A: There is no limit on the number of files you can send.

Question: Upload Speed

What is the fastest way to send my file?

A:Speed is determined by your modem or ISP connection, so large files will take some time to upload. It is faster if you "ZIP" or compress your files. Files saved as best quality .jpg files (8 to 12 value in Photoshop) are compressed and reproduce very well when printed. Tif files can be compressed as LZW, ZIP or JPG

* PHOTOGRAPHS may need to be CROPPED to fit the requested print size. Please advise cropping details if your image is critical.

  • Images from facebook or similar are too small to print.
  • jpg files should be 2mb + to 5mb + for best printing. 1mb + is the minimum size but these small sizes may not enlarge very well. Spectrum will assess suitable quality to print and if need be request alternate image.

  • Please add Coupon Code/Voucher Numbers when you redeem Coupons or Vouchers
  • Please send copies of coupons or vouchers with photo files.
  • Please give clear printing instructions if you wish to retain specific details.
  • Please give clear DELIVERY instructions as the purchaser/sender may not be the recipient.
You can upload as many files as you wish

PLEASE include the following information:

Please complete the form:
Please note: you can SELECT and SEND Single files, MULTIPLE FILES or COMPLETE "ZIPPED" FOLDERS


* DEFAULT Gallery wrap Canvas Edge is Black, White or a colour is available upon request.

*IMAGE WRAP requires additional image for the edge wrap. The amount varies with the image size, smaller images require a larger percentage of the image than larger images.

Pay by Credit Card

We also accept Australia Post Money Order or Cheque*
* Cheques must clear prior to work commencment